"learn more relaxed"



So learning becomes easier step by step….

Learning is a natural process from birth to old age when new information is acquired,
recorded and processed.

In order for learning to be stress-free and natural, certain muscles in the brain and in the body
have to work alongside movement reflexes. When writing, for example, we need both eyes, both ears and at the same time

different motion sequences. The interaction of these functions  are the basic requirement for learning.

Often these basic requirements are blocked and learning becomes strain, effort and stress.
The body can no longer adapt. The reaction to this can often be observed:

* Unwillingness to learn
* Excuses
* Fatigue
* Upset
* Sleep problems and much more.


The sensory perceptions, the coordination of movement as well as the writing movement and the positive attitude
can be brought back into balance through action balances.

The goal of Brain Gym®

* support the natural ability to learn
dissolve causes which inhibit learning
* a positive attitude towards learning
* build healthy self-confidence

Brain Gym® does not replace learning, it enables you to learn more easily.

Brain Gym® is not only suitable for schoolchildren and children, but also for adults and the elderly,
who are confronted with new situations professionally or in their private lives.

Brain Gym® (= gymnastics for the brain) has been developed by Dr. Paul Dennison
and his wife Gail (USA).
This method is based on the fundamentals of kinesiology and findings from brain research.

According to the motto "Movement is the gateway to learning", it supports and promotes learning and thinking,
by both children and adults.

Stress-related blockages in the brain are broken down and the cooperation between different brain functions is stimulated.
Brain Gym® exercises are used wherever clear, relaxed thinking is desired, be it at home, at school,
in the office, in sports. While working with behavioral children and adults with learning difficulties, he developed
under the name "Brain-Gym®" - "Gymnastics for the brain" a multitude of exercises that help improve the ability to learn and

thus improve the quality of life. He discovered that our ability to think is partially blocked, especially in stressful situations.
Such energetic impairments of our brain are called learning blocks.

* Please note the following assessment of kineslogy Brian-Gym, click here.

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