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Since 2010 I have been on a path that gives me much more joy, ease,
Gives fulfillment, inner peace, balance and satisfaction.

After some very challenging years (occupational illness) and strokes of fate
my training as a med. Masseuse,
Human energetic and kinesiologist began.


After 11 years of gathering experience in health resorts and hotels and my own personal development,

I would gladly like to bring my vision

Schriftzug transparent 

to life.

Since from the beginning I was very fascinated by the view that it was so much more than
 “only” a body, I consider the human being as a whole.


So my experiences and insights took their course ...
In addition to the massage techniques as a medical masseuse such as:
• Classic massage
• Foot reflexology massage
• Connective tissue massage
• Facial massage
• Electrotherapy

I supplemented my repertoire with additional training in the period 2010-2018:

• Singing bowl massage
• Lomi Lomi Nui
• La Stone massage
• Dorn-Breuss method
• Cupping
• Reflexology
• Practical kinesiology
• Cranio Sacral Balancing
• Access Bars ...

The CAREFUL look into people's eyes.

The MIRROR of the soul.

Life is energy


For me it is important to accompany the people who find their way to me.

To help you find your WAY to YOURSELF, to find the center,

to discover the way in HIS HEART,
to HIS inner voice - good feeling.

During this noisy time, relaxation techniques and

feel-good treatments make it possible to hear this voice of the heart again,

in order to see the world from a different point of view again or even

from a bird's eye view once.

The slightly different way
The quieter we get, the more we hear.
The slower we live, the more time we have.
Gratitude, mindfulness, respect for everything, appreciation, love, joy,
ease and accept what is can come to the fore again.

With my treatments and my own experiences, I want people to be on their own
Be a companion on your individual path, give impulses and remind you of your inner light,
to get back into your own strength,
to make one's interior shine again.

That is alright to happen when you get back

CONSCIOUS and live CAREFULLY in your everyday life.


From my own experience I can honestly say that it is a path you have to recognize to follow it. When I started to follow it, unconsciously, I had several initiators around me

in my environment, which kept pointing out to me
until I recognized my path and began to live it ...
A bridge to yourself
A mind for new thinking
A heart for a new attitude
A communication for new action
and time for you.
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