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"Time for me"

Did you know that there are points to reduce stress?

easy to use without outside help!

Has become an integral part of my everyday life and is often help in an emergency!

Or if you happen to be very nervous before an appointment, there is an excellent exercise which makes use of breathing technique reactivtivated. In order to make one more relaxed and clearer again.

Are there days, when you get up in the morning and don't get going? Also in this specific situation a great exercise can assist, the HIPPO 😊.

If you get annoyed everywhere, e.g. the door frame is in the way or you bump into a corner, it can have a tremendous impact to rub some points and "switch on" yourself again.  So to say - your natural ANTENNAS are reactivated

If children injure themselves the pain commonly is enormous.  Greatefully there is FIRST AID based on kinesiology which aims at

redirecting the pain / energy ... Already used  for me as well as my kids like a hundred times.

Another part of the kinesiology is brain gymnastics which targets easier learning. 26 physical exercises aim to connect the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. Drinking water, the lying eight or the X, cross movements, or even some brain buttons are very effective treatments which I already used in my learning periods.

Also when it comes to exampreparations brain gym techniques assist to approach the NEW situation in a more relaxed manner.

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* please note the following assessment of kineslogy, click here.

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