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Lymphatic drainage - Massages Bad Hofgastein

is also a very important approach to my work that can bring relief, decongestion and
also serves to detoxify the body.
Did you know? The lymph vessels, a system of cleansing and drainage channels,
simultaneously transports protein, hormones and fat to all cells of the body.
The lymphatic system produces antibodies and about 25% of the white blood cells, which are called "police" in
our organism. There are twice as many lymph vessels in our body as there are blood vessels.

The amount of lymph fluid is also twice as large as the amount of blood in our body.
The flow direction of the lymphatic vessels leads to the neck area.
From there it goes into the vein that leads to the heart.
The manual Lymph Drainage

 Ganz Krpermassage

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