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Touch for Health - the Way of balance

Touch for Health - Kinesiology Monika Gastein

Health is physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Touch for Health makes use of the knowledge of kinesiology to resolve imbalances by balancing energy in the body.
The body's own healing powers are activated and used by the body to support the maintenance of health.

Touch for Health combines Eastern and Western health ideas

and is a health care system perfectly appropriate in our time.

It was developed by the American Dr. John F. Thie in the 1970s.

A fundamental building block in the Touch for Health is the age-old knowledge of the forces of life energy.

We have energy channels (meridians) in which energy flows. Is the flow in the meridians interrupted, we speak of an energy blockade. To determine such, the kinesiological muscle test is used as biofeedback of the body.

The muscle test is used to test or measure the flow of energy in the muscle and, if necessary, with a wide variety of

strengthening methods or stress-relieving techniques brought back to flow. This process is called balance or energy balance. With Touch for Health kinesiologists offer their clients assistance to help themselves.

In this way, personal responsibility becomes an important pillar of health maintenance and health promotion.

The Way of balance.

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