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Access Bars - Humanenergetics Monika Gastein

Access Bars is a powerful and at the same time simple method, which invites you to a feeling of relief and freedom. and was developed by Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas.

The access bars is a pleasant body process.

It consists of 32 points which are situated  around the head. During an Access Bars session, these points are  gently  touched in order to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas and attitudes.

Share decisions and beliefs that may have restricted you in the affected areas of life.

Often it is stored limitations that keep us from living the way we want. For the most part
we are not even aware of such beliefs. These limits produce significantly increased
electrical charges in the brain.

By gently touching the bar points, these can be activated and discharge the electrical voltage
from the underlying brain areas.

Without these limitations, things that previously seemed impossible can suddenly become completely natural.
New possibilities and scope for action open up! What if it was possible
to exceed your own limits in order to get to know your sides or qualities,
that you never thought you could.

How would it feel if this path was great fun, increased joie de vivre,
lightness as well as vital energy?

What if today would be the day to take the momentum and put it into practice?

A bars session could be a first step!

A bars application is performed lying down in comfortable clothing.

The Access Bars - Origin of the Source

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